Alexis Leblais


I was born and raised in France before spending six month studying in the US where I became addicted to travel and therefore decided to come spend six month in Australia... that was over five years ago...

I grew up in a family with a sweet spot for photography. It was then through travel that I developed a strong desire to constantly learn more about it, to take postcard shots of those exotic places that make me dream. As fate would have it, I married into a family with their own sweet spot for photography.

I like photography because I love the science and technique behind it. There is always science in art, and art in science, and photography would have to be right in the middle, using the same amount of both. It takes natural lights, colours and shapes. Captures them through a series of extremely precise lenses, sensors and timers, focused and set to a specific combination to create an image. Carrying a message, a feeling and sometimes looking better than the reality. It is man and machine working beautifully together.

I like natural shots and keeping the editing to a minimum. I love the satisfying feeling of taking a good photo. But what is a good photo? After all, there is probably no answer to that. I feel that photography is one of those fields with lots of rules and opinions on how to take a good photo. Often these rules work, but I think that sometimes you need to break them and just do what you want — have fun with it!

There are lots of good photos out there, but the most important thing, I think, is when I see a photo, stop, and think wow. This wow factor everyone talks about, this is a great start to a good photo. It carries an emotion; happiness, anger, sadness, excitement, envy, love... To me, the immediate feeling you get when you see a photo is, most of the time, the key factor. And then quality, because higher quality will always better a photo, but quality without emotion will simply be forgotten...